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Product  >>  Handicraft

We are one of leading exporters of Vietnamese handicraft products. Year to year, our products are better quality and more attractive.
A wide range of our trading handicraft products include: Art ceramics, porcelain and terracotta, Rattan, bamboo, fern and sea grass wares, Handmade embroideries and venice, furniture and mats, rugs, carpets, Lacquer wares, Dry and wooden flowers, and other Art handmade products.
All our products are made from natural material by skilful craftsmen. With diversified designs, our ceramic and lacquer products are in very common using at home, hotels and suitable for any taste. And many Vietnam natural materials such as Bamboo, rattan, sea grass, silk, wooden and fresh flower...under our traditional experienced craftsmen who make Intimex brand become a famous label in the world and the best choice for home accessories.
Total annual turnover fur exported handicraft products which get at the level of $2,000,000. Our products have been appeared in American, Japan, Europe, Singapore, and Korea... Our Corporation always expands its business activities to all over the world.
We often research in order to have the attractive designing products, superior quality, reasonable price, and communicate the reliable partner of Vietnamese and International traders.


For more information, please contact us to:

Intimex Import-Export Department No 1:
Address: 96 Tran Hung Dao str, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel:  84 4 39423984
Fax: 84 4 39426261
E-mail: Intimexkd1@hn.vnn.vn
Intimex Import-Export Department No 2:
Address: 96 Tran Hung Dao str, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel:  84 4 39423516
Fax: 84 4 39422861
Email: xnk6intimex@hn.vnn.vn

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